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VOLUME: 02(02) (DECEMBER 2022)

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M – 00323Analytical Article

Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions

Do Duc Hong Ha1, Pham Thanh Nga*2

1Judicial Committee, Vietnam’s National Assembly, No. 22 Hung Vuong Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City 100000, Vietnam. Email: | ORCID:

2FPT University (FU), Vietnam. Email: | ORCID:

*Corresponding author

Journal of Policy & Governance, 02(02) (December 2022), 26-34.

Received: 25 March 2022

Published: 31 December 2022

Reviewed: 03 May 2022

Accepted: 12 October 2022

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Children are the future of a country, and they should be at the center of the national development strategy and policies. However, these are also objects of vulnerability and abuse. Therefore, child protection and child-abuse prevention are the responsibilities of each country. In this article, the authors have mentioned and analyzed the following main issues: (i) The facts and the problem of child abuse in Vietnam; (ii) Causes of child abuse in Vietnam; (iii) Recommendations to improve laws and policies and the effectiveness of implementation of child abuse prevention and abatement in Vietnam.

Keywords: Policy; Prevention; Children abuse; Facts; Solutions; Vietnam


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Ha, D.D.H., & Nga, P.T. (2022). Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions. Journal of Policy & Governance, 02(02), 26-34.

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Ha, D.D.H. and Nga, P.T. (2022). Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions. Journal of Policy & Governance, 02(02): 26-34. Doi:

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Ha D.D.H., Nga P.T. Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions. Journal of Policy & Governance, 2022, 02 (02), 26-34.

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Ha, Do Duc Hong, Nga, Pham Thanh. 2022. “Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions”. Journal of Policy & Governance, 02 no. 02: 26-34.

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Ha, Do Duc Hong and Pham Thanh Nga. 2022. “Vietnam’s Policies on Child Abuse Prevention and Abatement: Facts and Solutions”. Journal of Policy & Governance, 02 (02): 26-34.

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