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Journal of Environmental Law and Policy is an international, interdisciplinary journal that facilitates an understanding of environmental governance, policy and law issues not only by drawing upon and contributing to the environmental social sciences, but also linking the ecosystem health, natural resources, and social sciences. The aim of the journal is to promote communication among academia, government, business and industry, civil society groups, citizens’ action groups, and non-governmental organizations who are instrumental in the solving of environmental problems and grassroots level issues.

VOLUME 04 ISSUE 01 (JUNE 2024)

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M – 00386Analytical Article

Behavioural Sciences Used by the United Nations to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: A Roadmap and Some Stop Signs

Anne van Aaken

Institute of Law and Economics, Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg, Alsterterrasse 1, 2nd floor, D-20354 Hamburg, Germany. Email: | ORCID: https://orcid.org0000-0003-3058-314X

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 1-21

M – 00387Analytical Article

Conflicting Scientific Narratives at the Convention on Biological Diversity and Other Fora: Analysis and Contradiction in the Discussions on Dematerialization of (Plant) Genetic Resources

Pierre Walckiers

Centre de philosophie du droit (Centre for Philosophy of Law), Collège Thomas More, place Montesquieu 2, Catholic University of Leuven, B-1348-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Email: | ORCID:

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 22-53

M – 00388Analytical Article

A Critical Analysis of Legal Regime of Ship-Breaking and Ship-Recycling in Bangladesh

Sakhawat Sajjat Sejan

Department of Law, Feni University, Bangladesh.

Email: | ORCID:

Mahir Ibne Mahfuz

Department of Maritime Law and Policy, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh.

Email: | ORCID:

Umme Sayma Akter Urmi*

Department of Law, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Email: | ORCID:

*Corresponding author

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 54-83

M – 00389Analytical Article

Environmental Consequences of the Kakhovka H.P.P. Destruction in Ukraine: Challenge and Opportunity for International Justice

Nataliia Malysheva*

Space and Environmental Law Department, Volodymyr Koretsky Institute of State and Law, National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine. Email: | ORCID:

Anna Hurova

Volodymyr Koretsky Institute of State and Law, National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Email: |

*Corresponding author

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 84-104

M – 00390Analytical Article

Evolution of Biodiversity Protection in the Framework of European Common Agricultural Policy

Katarzyna Frączak-Banach

Department of Law and Administration, University of Łódź, Łódź, Poland

Email: | ORCID:

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 105-129

M – 00391Analytical Article

Enhancing U.S. Corporate Compliance with Environmental Regulations through the Implementation of a Corporate Carbon Tax

Rayaan Altaf*

Frisco Centennial High School, 6901 Coit Rd, Frisco, TX 75035 USA

Email: | ORCID:

Sachi Dodamani

Frisco Centennial High School, 6901 Coit Rd, Frisco, TX 75035 USA

Email: | ORCID:

*Corresponding author

(2024) 04 (01) Journal of Environmental Law and Policy 130-167


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