EMSHA Publications is mandated to print/publish books, periodicals, tabloid, magazines, etc. and to conduct the technical works on behalf of other publishing companies or organizations. EMSHA Publications also conducts English language service.

It was created on 22 November 2010. Since inception, the EMSHA Publications had published several textbooks for primary classes.


Recently, the EMSHA Publications has been undertaking publishing assistance, editorial assistance, and e-printing of the journals published by The Grassroots Institute and its partners. In accordance with the Contract/Authorization, the EMSHA Publications receives the Article Processing Fees from the authors [as mentioned on APC page https://grassrootsjournals.org/article-processing-fee.php, and the English language correction charges as instructed on page https://grassrootsjournals.org/language-services.php. For any business purpose or official compliance, if a copy of the Authorization is needed to be examined, please contact the authorized signatory using the email given below.


All the terms & conditions, policies and instructions made essential by Grassroots Journals and The Grassroots Institute are followed by EMSHA Publications, as it works on behalf of the main parties. To undertake and dispose of the assigned works by The Grassroots Institute, the EMSHA Publications does not impose any extra norms in relation to publishing or editorial works, and receiving the payments etc.

Article Processing Charges
  1. Publishing in many journals of The Grassroots Institute is not without costs. The journals of The Grassroots Institute defray those costs from article-processing charges (APCs), because they do not have subscription charges for its research content, believing instead that immediate, world-wide, barrier-free, to the full text of research articles is in the best interests of the scientific community. Like most other reputed serious publishers, The Grassroots Institute maintains high quality of service through an ‘author-pay’ model. As such, manuscripts that are accepted for publication following peer review incur a publishing fee. However, the APCs are low because the Grassroots Journals do not seek profit, just cover expenses.
  2. A chart of Article Processing Charges (APC) for different journals (in US Dollars) is available on the link https://grassrootsjournals.org/article-processing-fee.php. There is no extra charges by Emsha Publications.
  3. How to ascertain economic class of your country? An author may refer the World Bank list of classes of the countries. Download EXCEL Document | PDF Document or Click Here.
  4. When the APC is payable? Charges are payable once the article has been accepted for publishing (i.e., following successful completion of the Preliminary Review or Peer Review Process). An invoice will be sent upon acceptance and must be paid within 7 days of the final invoice date.
  5. The discount policy is also of the Grassroots Journals, which is available on the link https://grassrootsjournals.org/article-processing-fee.php.
  6. The journals are fully open access and require Article Processing Charges (APCs) to be paid following the acceptance of paper. To help support researchers who are unable to meet some or all of the costs associated with publishing open access, The Grassroots Institute operates a transparent Waiver Policy, which is available on the link https://grassrootsjournals.org/article-processing-fee.php#Waiver-Policy.
  7. For each APC, an invoice will be sent to the author by Emsha Publications.
English Corrections Charges
  1. On the page https://grassrootsjournals.org/editorial-process.php, the Grassroots Journals has described the editorial process. In case, an author gets the service of our English Language Service (which is run by Emsha Publications) for the text corrections, the cost incurred is to be borne by the author. The language correction charges are not included in APC. Both are different charges.
  2. The different rates of English corrections are described on the link https://grassrootsjournals.org/language-services.php in well classified manner.
  3. During initial discussion to avail English Language Editing Service, our editors will give an assessment of your texts after examining it. Once author agrees to get our service, an Agreement Email will be sent by the author to Emsha Publications or to the journal along with 50% advance payment. Interactive conversations will continue between the author and the concerned editor regarding the text, and author will be revising the text based on the track changes/suggestions and comments given by the editor. Later, once final round of corrections is completed, the author will be required to transfer remaining payment as per agreement.
  4. Both the interim and final payments will be done to Emsha Publications using the Online Payment Gateway or other method as suggested by the editor or Service. An invoice will be sent to the author for interim or final payment. This language correction cost is fully independent of the APC for article publishing.

The author assumes the responsibility for the payment, and no refunds will be issued. We do not issue refunds for APC once the payment is confirmed and paid. The invoice is generated only when the author accepts to pay the APC or English corrections charges. The manuscript is edited and published if it is accepted; yet English language standards need to be adhered to by the author(s). We recommend contacting us for assistance if author(s) experience(s) any issues making online payment. Let us clarify once again. The APC of the article is applicable for a paper one time which is not refundable. In the case of withdrawal of the paper from the journal, APC will not be refunded to the author. However, the paid amount can be adjusted partially in the next paper. In case, the author wishes to cancel or withdraw a paper, it is possible before the manuscript goes into Review Process. The Editorial Office of the Grassroots Journals inform the corresponding author on each step. Once the Consent & Agreement Form is signed by the author(s), the withdrawal or cancellation of paper is not allowed. The journal send the manuscript for Review only after the author gives full consent in writing.


Partner/ Authorized Signatory

EMSHA Publications


We will specify in the invoice the mode of payment of the APC.

In certain cases, we will ask to pay the APC into our bank account using manual/digital bank transfer. These bank account details will be mentioned in the invoice.

In some cases, the payment of APC can be done using Online Payment Gateway.

Cashfree Payments Payments
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