Articles submitted to our journals are subject to strict peer-reviewing. The online submission system incorporates online tools for manuscript submission, peer-reviewing and editorial decision making.

All the Editors, Editorial Members and Reviewers will have their own login and password to enter in “Dashboard” where they can submit, edit or delete their comments.

The Guidelines for Authors on the webpages of each journal guides authors on how to prepare and submit their manuscripts.

Once a manuscript is submitted, the submission is received by the Editors of respective journal who will subsequently coordinate the whole editorial process for the manuscript: preliminary review, peer-review, decision-making, possible authors’ revision, manuscript acceptance, copyediting, minor English editing, proofreading and final publication. Before actually conducting peer review of the manuscript, Editors will screen the article through preliminary review process. Article acceptance, forwarding or rejection are elaborately explained in Review Process.

In case of major flaws in the English language composition of the manuscript, it will be recommended to Language Service where the author(s) may get competent competitive services for improving their manuscripts.

The Editors will make the final acceptance or rejection decision for a manuscript, usually after peer review process. We typically allow no more than two rounds of major revisions.

Rigorous Editing of Article: This is most serious step. No article can go into publishing without 2-3 rounds of rigorous editing by the Editors. It is deliberately performed to maintain high quality and compliance to standards set by Web of Science, Scopus, COPE, ISO4 and other available standards. After each of the rigorous editing, the authors are communicated seeking clarifications, corrections, additions, deletions and explanations on the questions or track changes suggested in the text by the Editors. This bilateral communication between authors and Editors goes on until the text of the article becomes error free and complete. In case, the response from authors delays, the article automatically delays in getting published.

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